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United Kingdom

About half a million people go to the UK every year to learn English. It's the official home of the English language and probably offers the best choice of English language courses anywhere in the world. And it’s only a 90-minute flight or less from Switzerland and France.

It might lack a little sunshine and a sandy beach or two, but the UK is where it all began…. Here, the English language hums; in music, cinema, theatre, literature and on the streets. There are English accents galore. The language is wielded with humour, wit and intelligence.

These little islands punch well above their weight. They’ve given us Shakespeare , James Bond , Adele , The Beatles , Princess Di , Mr Bean (YouTube , The Sex Pistols , Margaret Thatcher , David Beckham , several outstanding Queen Elizabeths, Harry Potter , Sir Isaac Newton and Queen Victoria , and we are just warming up….

Just over 100 years ago, the British ruled the largest empire in human history. Today it’s a different story. The Brits are suffering Brexit blues. Perhaps, the English language may one day be viewed as their greatest export. English (love it or hate it) effortlessly rules the world of languages.

Travel to the UK for Swiss and French will probably become a little complicated in the future. There may be tighter controls on entering the UK, as is happening in the USA. We may need visas again. We will do our best to keep you updated.

We have quality English schools in all the great cities, and some in cities and towns that you’ve probably never heard of….

For professional clients who have only a few weeks to improve their English, the UK is simply the best choice. We have superb training centres for mature working people in London, Canterbury, Wales, Devon and Worcester.

We have schools for students and younger adults in London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Eastbourne, Edinburgh, Chester, Portsmouth, Bournemouth, and Manchester.

Read on and then send us your training plan.

UK, Britain or England?

United Kingdom: refers to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Great Britain: refers to England, Wales and Scotland

England: refers to the southern and middle part of the island. Not including Scotland and Wales.

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