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Student residence

Student residences and student houses are more and more popular. Many of our schools today now have their own residences or student houses. You can live more independently and you will live with other students from all over the world. The negative side is that you’ll be probably be in contact with French speakers, if not students from your own country or even your own city. It becomes harder and harder to speak English only.

Most of our schools will try and mix the nationalities in student houses so you won’t be tempted to parler français.

There are some great residences to choose from. Some of them have fitness centres and small cinemas. There are many choices:

  • small rooms
  • twin rooms
  • share bathroom
  • en-suite bathrooms

Kitchens and living area are shared spaces. You come and go as you please.

Student houses are generally cheaper than student residences.

Student houses are usually four or five students in a large house, each with a private, twin or double rooms.

Many schools offer student houses. But in many countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand you can find student share houses advertised on noticeboards and in newspapers.