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“I never imagined I could manage meetings and video conferences in English. Thank you.”
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Client Testimonials

Testimonials: English courses in Geneva

Interested? You can either contact us with this form (it takes just 2 minutes to complete) or call us now on +41 22 321 52 63 and speak to our director Garry Littman or senior trainer David Creber or leave a message and we will get back to you.

Learn. Improve. Master.

Yolanda Bornand
Global Head Marketing & Communications
Zedra Group

Professional English
Communications High Impact presentations
Mastering Public Speaking

I really enjoy my sessions with The Language House. It is not about only learning English. It's about feeling at ease, confident, using idioms at the right time and enjoying another language without overthinking. It is about starting to think in English and not literally translating anymore. I am looking forward to starting my public-speaking sessions with Neal! Do not hesitate to get the ball rolling, you 'll be in a safe pair of hands. 

Valerie Pyre
Strategy Director
World Economic Forum

Professional English
Advanced writing skills


I have loved learning and speaking English since I was a kid. But learning with Garry is really taking it to the next level. It is the highlight of my Friday mornings! I reached out to The Language House to improve my writing skills and have enjoyed every session since. Whether we look at dry grammatical exercises, play critics to blogs or seek ideas to write our own piece, Garry manages to make it easy and fun at the same time. I have been able to apply learning right away in my daily activities and already see progress in just a few sessions. I highly recommend Garry Littman and The Language House to anyone looking to improve their English proficiency.

Loïc Remolif
Master’s student

IELTS exam preparation 

I have just received a mail with my results. I received an overall IELTS score of 7.5. I got a 8.5 in reading and listening! I was not expecting that at all. My goal, which was more a hope than a goal to be perfectly honest, was to have at least 5.5 in each section and an overall of 6. I am delighted with these results and it is thanks to my two trainers Garry and Virag. You gave me very suitable tips and made my English improve extremely quickly. Honestly, when I was reasoning about transferring into another university, I thought it was just a delusion and that I would never meet the requirements to do so, notably because of English. I registered for the IELTS exam because it was good to assess my skills anyway. But now, studying abroad is starting to become a reality and it is thanks to you and I do NOT say these words to be polite. Before my first lesson with Garry, I had never spoken or written in English for more than five years and, at that time, my level was deplorable. I know that I still need to improve my English, especially speaking, but you have offered me the most beautiful - early - present for Christmas. I cannot thank you enough but THANK YOU very very much!

Xavier Bonna
Senior Vice-President
Lombard Odier Group

Professional English
High Impact presentations
Mastering Public Speaking

The Language House is a high quality school with tailor-made teaching solutions that take into account the specific needs of each student. 

Philippe Millet
Department of Psychiatry
University of Geneva

General and academic English
Presenting in English

Je recommande vivement les cours d'anglais de "The Language House ". L'équipe est vraiment très compétente, disponible et à l'écoute de nos besoins. C'est une aide très précieuse pour ma carrière professionnelle.

Norah Babic
Inter-Parliamentary Union, Geneva

High impact presentations
Online small group courses

Neal is an excellent trainer, practical sessions really helped our group. We particularly enjoyed that the course covered a broad range of tips/ advice on presentations.

Maria Duran
School student
Future author

English for writing
Journalism and short stories

This year’s English class taught me some very valuable writing tips. Not only that but it also helped me complete my very first short story. Moreover I have now understood grammatical concepts that help me in English exams at my school. Even during the confinement, we were still able to finish and work on some other subjects. These lessons are very helpful yet also entertaining because Garry has a very funny sense of humour. Overall, I enjoyed and benefited from these English classes.

Antoine Marin
University student

Speaking exam

I had five lessons of one hour with Garry at The Language House to prepare for an oral English exam for entry into university. I had already failed the oral exam once. This time I was successful. I start my new school this week. Thank you for your relaxed and enjoyable lessons. I am really happy. Merci encore.


Jerome Spichiger
Finance Specialist, Geneva State

General and professional English

 I started English lessons with The Language House mainly to improve my confidence in speaking English. This was at the dawn of the pandemic and almost all the lessons were online. Nevertheless, it was very productive thanks to my teacher Sarah who knows how to make things interesting and interactive. My lessons with Sarah are more than just English Lessons. I learned a lot about British culture, sharing some articles on various topics from the British press. It was a real pleasure to have my lessons with Sarah and I highly recommend the school to anyone looking for a deep dive into British culture and a very effective improvement their English level.

Max Fuchs
Master’s student

IELTS exam preparation

I took a short and intensive IELTS exam preparation course with The Language House in order to be accepted for my Master’s at a university in the Netherlands. My teacher was 100 per cent focused on the skills I needed to get the best result. He was always available to answer my questions and correct my work and suggest improvements. My trainer knew how to guide and push me to get my English to the next level. After two months of hard work and lots of practice tests, I successfully passed my exam with an overall band of 7!  It was better than I had hoped for. I strongly recommend The Language House if you want to improve your English and enjoy a friendly atmosphere for studying.

Yoann Avrillier
Training manager
Caterpillar Geneva

General and professional English

I am a training manager at Caterpillar and my objective is to improve my speaking and writing skills.  I am learning a lot with The Language House and I am really enjoying my course.  I am impressed by the professionalism, kindness and the organization of my teacher who implemented online lessons due to the coronavirus restriction. Many thanks. I highly recommend my trainer Sian and The Language House!

Francesca Berti
Communications Officer
UN Immigration

General and professional English

I needed to improve my English and I had a great experience with my trainer at The Language House. The lessons are interesting, dynamic and very effective. I really enjoyed them. I truly recommend The Language House.

Aleksandr Ivanov
Entrepreneur CEO

General and professional English

When I contacted The Language House my English my level was very low. I have lessons four times a week on Zoom and the results are impressive. My English is improving every lesson. I really enjoy my lessons. My vocabulary is growing and I can now have a conversation about most topics. We talk about politics, history, art and the world and, of course the coronavirus. My teacher Garry, who is also the school director, has a great sense of humour. I recommend The Language House.

Beatrice Jotterand
Master’s student International Relations

IELTS exam peparation

I found out about The Language House via their blog in the newspaper Le Temps. Eager to pursue my studies in International Relations, a high level of English was essential. For four months I attended lessons with Garry and Sian in order to prepare for my IELTS. Thanks to their high-quality courses, I mastered my English and received 7.5 and was subsequently admitted to my dream Master’s Degree in International and European Governance. I am grateful to have learned by their side about English and life in general. I highly recommend them for the way they teach and their dedication.

Ingrid Nouhaud
Portfolio Manager 
Lombard Odier Group

General and professional English

7:45am on a Tuesday morning… It might seem terrible to start the day with an English lesson! But I really enjoy them and have a lot of fun. TLH classes are tailored to my professional needs, English level and areas of interests which make them very efficient and entertaining. I feel more comfortable when I speak publicly and I use my new skills all the time.

Laurence de Cecco
Blossom Communications and Marketing

English for Lunch

English for Lunch is the most enjoyable and effective form of English training I have taken. I find it an excellent method to practice and perform in English and increase my language confidence and fluency. It is a space in my busy life to enjoy the richness and complexity of the English language and exchange ideas and discuss a wide range of subject.

Cornelia Reutsch
Administration manager

General and professional English

I had not used English on a daily basis for a while and needed a personalized refresher course. Magazine articles, literature, interesting conversation topics and business English – I enjoyed every minute. Thank you, Garry. I recommend The Language House!

Olivier Mesple
CEO Architect

General and professional English

I contacted The Language House more than one year ago when I had to give a speech to clients in Scotland. I chose The Language House after I read a review on their website written by a company director and a respected acquaintance.
I am really happy with my lessons. I have had about 40 lessons and It’s easy to speak with my teacher Garry Littman about a wide range of subjects. He is both serious and funny. I am an architect and we often speak about projects, design, buildings, interiors and exteriors, building sites and related vocabulary. We also talk about Netflix series such as ‘The Crown’.  I am very relaxed speaking English with my trainer.I now feel more comfortable to deal with English-speaking clients and I would like to continue to refine my English.
My lesson were face-to-face and then changed to online lessons by Zoom during the period of Covid-19, it's very easy. I recommend The Language House.

Steve Boschung
Buildings and property manager
Banque J. Safra Sarasin SA

General and professional English

When I began my first lesson one year ago I only spoke a few words of English. Now after 20 lessons I can write an email. I can read emails and I can speak with colleagues in London and other parts of Switzerland. The Language House is an excellent school. The director Garry Littman is a very good teacher. He knows how to motivate people. The lessons are always very pleasant. We always have a laugh. But we work really hard. That’s why I will continue with another 20 lessons more. A big thank you to The Language House.

Michaela Carrara

General and professional English

After spending 8 years at home raising my children, I went back to work as an administrative assistant - and now I am working in English for the first time. I met Sian 3 months ago and she immediately improved my confidence in speaking and writing. We work together each week on business skills and I highly recommend her. She is amazing!

Alina Datsii
Master’s student

IELTS academic exam

I took English lessons with The language House in order to improve my level and pass the IELTS Academic Test. The lessons were well-organised, dynamic and interesting! They helped me to prepare more effectively for the exam. Finally, I got a score of 7.5 which is the equivalent of C1 level. I recommend Garry as English teacher!

Farnaz Bayat Far
Associate Director
UBS Wealth Management

General and professional English
High impact presentations

Thanks to Sian I improved my English in a short time period. She helped me to gain confidence in speaking and writing. As well, she helped me to prepare a work presentation that turned out to be a success. I highly recommend her as English teacher.

Jean-Jacques Morard
CEO, De Rham SA, Lausanne

In company training
General and professional English

The Language House, la solution idéale en entreprise : Lorsque la direction de deRham a souhaité améliorer sa communication en anglais avec sa clientèle, nous avons immédiatement pris contact avec Garry, sur la recommandation d’un ami. Après plus d’une année de cours, sur le modèle du business lunch, les participants sont unanimes : la méthode d’enseignement répond totalement à nos besoins et à nos attentes. Nous nous sentons plus à l’aise, nous avons réussi à passer outre certaines réticences émotionnelles de nous exprimer en anglais, nous avons eu l’occasion de remettre en pratique nos connaissances scolaires et les adapter à un usage plus professionnel de la langue. Fort de cette expérience très positive, nous avons renouvelé notre confiance à Garry pour toute l’année 2017. Nous pouvons donc à notre tour recommander The Language House sans aucune réserve.’

Sebastien Gavard
Innovation & Technology Manager
Boninchi SA

General and professional English

I had a great learning experience with Sian and The Language House. We started with individual lessons at my office and then, due to COVID 19, we moved to online lessons using Zoom. This solution enabled me to work wherever and whenever I wanted, therefore I continued to make good progress. Furthermore, the app and other digital tools provided by The Language House are cost effective which is interesting during this demanding period.
Being accompanied by a teacher like Sian helped me to achieve progress in areas which would never have improved if I had continued to study alone. She also maintains your motivation throughout your entire programme. I would warmly recommend her and the Language House.

Ahlem Lamkarfed
Chief Operating Officer

English for Lunch
General and professional English

I really loved my English for lunch session. Garry is really focused on your needs and how he can do his best to help you progress and reach your goal. I also really loved his spirit and the one he has been giving to his school, efficient, human and fun...

Salomé Borecka
Procter and Gamble

Preparation for job interview

I just wanted to let you know that I am starting today at P&G!! My two interviews in English went really well. Thank you so much for your great advice, these interviews were exactly on the same line as yours. I highly recommend Garry Littman if you want to reach a high level of English quickly.

Alexandre Demidoff
Le Temps

English for Lunch

Des leçons d’anglais palpitantes comme une pièce policière.

Mon jour, c’est le vendredi. A midi pile, je quitte la rédaction du “Temps”, au pas de course souvent, au grand étonnement de mes collègues. Aurais-je rendez-vous avec Isabelle Huppert? Ou Peter Brook? Ou mon psychanalyste? Non. Mieux que cela: je déjeune avec Garry Littman, mon professeur d’anglais, qui a inventé un concept idéal pour le journaliste très pris que je suis: une leçon hebdomadaire en tête-à-tête, dans un bistrot au bord du Rhône, acccompagné par une viande tendre et un verre de vin désinhibant. Deux heures de conversation sans complexes, sur toutes sortes de sujets, de la course aux élections présidentielles aux Etats-Unis au dernier roman de Philip Roth, de l’éducation de mes enfants à la dernière pièce de Pinter, sujet qui m’intéresse de près: je suis critique de théâtre.

Ces leçons d’anglais sont uniques, bien plus efficaces et intenses que les cours que j’ai pu suivre naguère, à raison de deux heures par semaine, dans telle ou telle école prestigieuse. Garry Littman a ce talent: il n’écoute pas seulement son étudiant, notant dans un carnet ses erreurs, pour les corriger ensuite dans un rapport détaillé qu’il envoie par mail après chaque séance; il personnalise la leçon, l’adapte aux besoins de son interlocuteur.

Souvent, nous simulons des interviews avec une star de la scène ou du grand écran: je suis le journaliste, Garry Littman devient Al Pacino. C’est un jeu où chaque mot compte: je transpire, je m’enthousiasme, je me concentre comme si j’étais vraiment en face d’une star, ce qui stupéfie souvent nos voisins de table. Il faut dire que Garry Littman est un acteur talentueux. Le professeur a cette qualité: il donne envie d’apprendre, de se surpasser. English for lunch est ainsi aussi intense que la meilleure des pièces. Avec ce plaisir en plus: j’en suis l’acteur.

Maria Gentile
Walder Wyss Attorneys at Law

General and professional English

I highly recommend The Language House if you want to reach a high level of English quickly.

Mireille Baptist
Medical professional

High impact pfresentations
General and professional English

Many thanks for your professionalism !
Your repeated drilling helped me to successfully conduct my project in a minimum of time.
Thanks to your personalized lessons, I was able to make multiple presentation in English in China successfully. I will not hesitate one second to call on you whenever I need a help of high quality.

Suzy Hutterer
Master‘s student

IELTS exam preparation

Garry helped me to effectively prepare for the Academic IELTS test and obtain the results I needed. I highly recommend him as a language coach. I got an overall score of 8.0. He gave me excellent advice on how to improve my academic writing and helped me to regain fluency.

Stéphane Benoit-Godet
L’Illustré magazine

English in a café
General and professional English

I really enjoy my English lessons with The Language House. They are interesting, fun and lively and I get to work on my spoken English. I feel much more comfortable speaking English. I know I still make mistakes. But if I have to socialise in English or moderate a forum in English, I don’t have the panic and stress I had before. I actually look forward to using my English when I have the opportunity.

Christophe Jacquier
Payot Rive bookstore

In-company group classes
English for client service

Un grand merci pour ces cours donnés à notre équipe. Chacun a pu revoir ses bases et prendre confiance face à nos clients. L’animation et la qualité des cours, adaptés à notre demande, ont été appréciées de tous.

Sophie Oliveira

General and professional English

In my opinion, it’s the best place to learn English. I’m very happy to study with them. The director is very nice and my teacher is wonderful!

Vincent Stasolla
Student EHL

General and professional English
IELTS exam preparation

I had 5 lessons with Garry to prepare the IELTS test for an application to EHL.
Very motivating person. He gave me lots of useful advices and practical exercises to help me to work especially on the writing part of the test. I needed a 6 overall band and I did better than I expected.

Bertrand Pasche
Technew SA

English for Lunch
General and professional English

I would like to tell you how much I appreciated our English for Lunch lessons over the past three years. I really enjoyed the lunches and I made a lot of progress. I am more comfortable with my English in work and social situations. I never imagined when we started that I would become fluent in English and that I could manage meetings and video conferences in English and follow English language films. It’s fantastic.

Yael Massini
International Relations student

IELTS exam preparation

I had a one month intensive class with The Language House in Geneva in order to pass my IELTS test which is compulsory to take part in an exchange program in my university. I got an overall score of 7.0 and all my scores were above 6.0 which was the minimum level I needed. The classes given by The Language House were focused on the skills I needed. It was lot of work. My teacher Garry Littman clearly knew how to get my English to the next level. It was hard work, particularly the writing, but at the end it was definitely a course that will help me in my academic and professional life. I’m deeply thankful for having this great opportunity to study at The Language House and for the responsiveness and support of my teacher.

Barbara Schaal
Student Geneva and Australia 

IELTS exam preparation

I highly recommend The Language House for anyone with a project of any kind and where learning English is essential. For my part I need the IELTS diploma to be able to go to Australia, so thanks to Garry, I am about to have it, his patient and his method of learning puts you in confidence and he makes you develop and use the maximum of your capacities . So thank you very much to The Language House for your help and your good mood. If you need to speak English go to The Language House without hesitation.

Jerome Deschamps
Director, coach and trainer,
Ananda Events 

General and professional English

My lessons with The Language House were not only very pleasant, but especially very effective. I felt a very good welcome and my trainer, Garry had a non-judgemental attitude towards my level of English that made me feel comfortable to dare to speak in English, with all my mistakes.
Garry was able to correct me with a lot of humour, which made me commit to continue without fear of ridiculing myself. Face to face lessons in this case were really helpful. Garry also found, thanks to his great culture and curiosity, the subjects that allowed me to develop my ideas in English. The establishment of a real dialogue really moved me forward, forcing me to tap into my reserves and quickly put the newly acquired knowledge into practice. It has become a real pleasure for me to express my thoughts in English. The change imposed by the Covid crisis has also been beneficial. The on-line lessons helped me further develop my listening skills. I felt it made learning even easier, allowing me to think in English without the internal translation time I could feel before. It was like I developed a shortcut between my ear and the mouth. Even though the media had an impact as I described above, I think the trust relationship established with Garry in the initial sessions, physically face to face, was the basis for the success of my learning.

Emmanuel Grandjean
Journalist blogger
Le Temps

English in a café
General and professional English


This is the second time I have turned to The Language House for English lessons. Trainer Garry Littman makes lessons challenging and enjoyable. He is the best English trainer I have had. We meet each week in a café. The coffee and English ambiance is relaxed and we laugh a lot. In our lessons we discuss a wide range of subjects from Antonioni to selfies which is both stimulating and full of interesting new English cultural references. I never thought I would say that I look forward to my English lessons.

Valérie Touron
Legal affairs
Geneva Canton

General and professional English

I would like to thank you again for the English training we had together. The aim for me was to improve my English and to feel more comfortable when I speak. This goal was fully completed. I have really appreciated the interactivity in the classroom with the role plays and way we approached different topics and subjects. You always found the right word to motivate us. You definitively focus on your students and you adapt your training according to their needs. You are definitively the best teacher I have ever had.

Kirsi Porter
Senior Credit Manager
Koch Fertilizer Trading SARL

In-company courses
Professional writing

Thank you for conducting the Business English writing classes for our team. The sessions were very well prepared and they focused on the most important issues for us. The use of our own writing samples made all comments practical for our immediate use. You adjusted the teaching very well to the skill level of the class and your friendly approach made the comments easy to accept.

Catherine Tairraz
Secretary /personal assistant

General and professional English

My English teacher Garry at The Language House is very friendly but is always focused on my words. He helps me to speak as simply and as clearly as possible. I now really enjoy speaking a lot in our classes My progress is visible. Friends and family have told me that my English is much better. I recommend The Language House.

Dan Wang
Freelance interpreter

Advanced English for interpreters
CPE Cambridge C2

I enjoy my English lessons with The Language House. My teacher is friendly and amusing. He quickly grasped my needs and adapts the lesson content accordingly. I have learnt not only vocabulary, but also and more importantly many English cultural references. I have gained more confidence in speaking English and I hope I will be able to add it as a working language soon.

Halise Acar
Credit Europe Bank Suisse SA

Preparation for job interview

I am writing to tell you that I got the job of risk specialist at the bank. Thank you for the excellent job interview preparation that we did in English. See you soon.

Philippe Leyat
BCGE Legal

General and professional English
English for Lunch

About two years ago I got in touch with The Language House because I needed to improve my English and I wanted to study a couple of weeks in a school abroad during summertime. Thanks to Garry Littman’s good advice I spent three marvellous weeks in an excellent school in Cork, Ireland. After this I was even more motivated to progress in English. Garry Littman proposed that I take some private lessons. For more than three years now we have been working together on a regular basis. At the moment, we are focussing in particular on legal English. Garry Littman is a challenging and stimulating teacher and since we have been working together my progress has been constant. I can recommend The Language House to anyone who is looking for a tailor-made and quality English course.

Daniela Bertossa

English for Lunch
CPE Cambridge exam

What do Scots have in common with pirates? Jamie Oliver with the Swiss family Robinson? How are Eddie Izard and Louis C.K related? And Skippy the kangaroo with A Clockword Orange? N-words with bees? National anthems and Australian morals? Road rage and lyrebirds? These are some of the ingredients we used to compose the menu of the English for Lunch, one and half hour, every week, under Garry’s attentive, curious and supporting supervision. I improve each time and even if I’m still not a chef, hopefully I’ll become at least a decent cook…and not a fat lady.

Laure Kaelin
Project co-ordinator
Firmenich SA

English for Lunch
General and professional English

English for lunch was the type of course that I was looking for: private lessons, friendly environment (not a classroom) and easy to adapt with my job timetable. I have to admit that I had some apprehensions before my first lesson. I was about to have lunch with someone that I could consider as a stranger, as I only had a quick phone call with him several days before. A 90 minute lunch: it can be a long time when you have to speak in a foreign language, with someone who you do not know at all, and who will evaluate you. But the experience is worth it! And learning becomes easy and motivating when you have a passionate teacher like Garry. He is interested in everything (and if not, he is good at pretending!). Even if you can be frightened to find subjects to speak about during your lesson, you will soon notice that an interesting conversation often comes from a basic observation/event. One day, I remember that the restaurant had a waitress who did not really pay attention to our request and forgot some basic rules of her job. Thanks to this situation, we had a very interesting debate on how important customer relationships are in every business.

Sylvie Wohlers
Health professional

General and professional English

Learning English in Geneva doesn’t seem to be easy, but I took five weeks of semi-intensive English classes with The Language House. My classes with trainer Garry Littman were very interesting and dynamic and importantly I laughed a lot. The results were very satisfying. I can sincerely recommend The Language House. My trainer is an excellent and motivating teacher. He always encouraged me and as he’s very curious so we always had a lot of subjects to talk about. Go with The Language House and improve your English!

Stéphanie Sauzeat
Graphic artist

Return to work refresher course
General and professional English

I took English lessons with Garry Littman during 2 months. My aim was to return to professional life (I stopped  for four years to have a family). With hi, I refreshed my English, improved and I’m more confident. Due to his experience and cheerfulness the lessons was always a pleasure, I learned a lot. Thanks !! For me the better school in Geneva! 

John Howells
UBS Private Banking

English for Lunch
General and professional English

English for Lunch helps me use English with greater fluency and confidence. The courses are tailor-made and carefully oriented to my needs. The feedback from each lunch helps me to correct my mistakes and reinforces new language structures, vocabulary, idioms and expressions. The ‘real-life’ lunch environment is much more interesting and livelier than a classroom.

Viveka Lang
Traffic controller

Aviation English
General and professional English

 Following a first failure in an oral English exam for a project, I took lessons for two months with Garry and thanks to him I passed this exam! Garry is a very patient educator. The lessons are personalized according to our needs and interests. Moreover, he is a very interesting and interested person so we can talk about a lot of different subjects with him, which is really a big plus because it becomes a real pleasure to learn English. I really enjoyed these lessons and rarely have I had a teacher as great as Garry. I recommend this school 100% .Thanks again for your help Garry :)

Lucie Duval
Student and pilot

Aviation English

I took lessons at the Language House during my summer holidays. The content was fully customized for my needs, and the teachers were great ! I learnt a lot !

Carla Schmitt
Student preparing for university

General English
IELTS academic English

The Language House est une excellente école pour apprendre l’anglais. J’ai pris quelques cours avant mon séjour linguistique avec Sian et Garry et l’un comme l’autre m’ont permis de gagner en confiance concernant mon anglais. Les cours sont personnalisés en fonction de nos demandes et de notre niveau. De plus, à travers leur professionnalisme Garry comme Sian ont toujours su rentre les cours très agréables. Je recommande donc vivement cette école.

Isabelle Drake
Customer relations, marketing and communnications

General + professional English

Cela fait deux mois que je suis des cours avec David de TLH et mon niveau d anglais a très vite progressé. Je vous recommande sans autre leurs services, ils sont à l écoute de vos besoins et sont de très bons conseils.

Tereza Rostas
Masters student

IELTS academic English exam

The Language House has become the place where I find my full confidence in improving my English language and with the encouragement from Garry I  have passed my IELTS (6.5) with flying colours. The best place and this will always be a home for me. Thank you Garry for the best English classes. Thank you.

Alessandro Poli
Credit Suisse

Professional English

Unfortunately, I lost my job, but luckily, I received money for retraining to help me find a new job.

A former colleague told me about The Language House. Here, I discovered tailor-made English courses, and I haven’t looked back.

I have a trainer who is both patient and interesting and I get to practise my professional English and discuss world events in a stress-free and friendly environment. The organic green tea is also excellent. My English classes have become a positive part of my weekly work routine in my new post. I can confidently recommend The Language House.