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English for Professionals

Learn. Improve. Master.

 All levels. Private coaching and small groups classes.

In your company, in our Geneva school, on-line. We also organise immersion courses for professionals in the UK.  We will help your company's HR department implement quality Eglish courses.

A five star learning experience.

74 Google reviews and ***** five stars. Read comments from our professional clients here. You will probably recognise some names and companies.

At The Language House you will become:

Confident and fluent - Speak English with less stress and greater confidence. Find your words. Participate more effectively in meetings. Understand more and be understood.

Professional and effective - Develop and master the English you need in your field of expertise. Practical English for your work. Communicate better with colleagues and clients. Prepare for new job opportunities. Consolidate your future.

International and highly skilled - Inspire your team, clients and managers.  Lead the conversation. Chair the meeting. Pitch and present. Network with greater confidence. Develop your inter-cultural awareness. Become a confident public-speaker. Structure and deliver high impact presentations. Write persuasively and with clarity.

English only - We specialise in professional English language training. English only.  Our trainers concentrate on the skills that you need to reach to your objectives.

Our students come from all walks of life; business, finance, law, real estate, hospitality, the health sector, media, international organisations, IT, academia and education, science, engineering, watchmaking, real estate and the public sector to name a few.  Some are complete beginners, and some are almost native speakers. We cater for all levels. Some have specific targets such as presentations, writing, an exam or an interview. Most of our students are looking for a boost in confidence and fluency in English.

New courses for professionals:

High Impact Presentations read more
Public Speaking - read more

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Geneva courses
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Please contact our director Garry Littman or senior trainer David Creber.


Training room at The Language House in Geneva

Immersion courses for professionals in the UK

We also partner with some of the world’s finest training centres for professionals. You will develop your professional language skills with people of a similar profile and age and with mature experienced trainers. We promise you will be comfortable in your classes and your accommodation.

Courses cover the important communication skills you need in your day-to -day activities: Presentations, negotiating, socialising, meetings, leadership, team-building, networking, conflict resolution to name a few.

Good news: Our UK scentres for professionals are open for business again

Courses are intensive, from 15 to 30 hours per week. It’s the fast track to better English. A two-week immersion course will take your English to the next level.

Choose from small group classes, private lessons or a mix of both. If you don’t have much time, we can add on weekend lessons. We can tailor the classes to meet your needs. Tell us which facet of English you need to develop and we will find the right training centre and course for you.

There are many accommodation choices: executive homestay with your private bathroom, residences, guesthouse and hotels. Where to study? Here are three of the best.

LONDON SCHOOL OF ENGLISH - The best professional training centre in London

london school of english 850

Matthieu Hoffstetter, associate editor at Bilan, studied professional English at The London School of English.
The London School of English is a world leader in professional English training. We’ve been sending Swiss and French professionals here since 2001. The training centre is in comfortable Holland Park, close to the centre of London.  Experienced trainers, excellent client services and comfortable accommodation… few training centres are in the same league as The London School of English.  There is a wide range of professional courses suitable for CEOs, senior managers, lawyers and those starting off in their careers. Read more

TREBINSHUN HOUSE - Five-star executive residential courses in the Welsh countryside

trebinshun house

Trebinshun House offers residential English training for executives and CEOs in a beautiful 400-year-old mansion in the Wales countryside. Superb facilities and teaching. Maximum intake: 12 clients. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with your trainers. A chef prepares meals every evening in a magnificent dining room. Private lessons and small group lessons of 2 or 3 participants. Average age 40. Read more


WORCHESTER SCHOOL OF ENGLISH - Small hands-on centre for mature learners in ‘real’ England

kingsway 850

Worchester School of English is a small, highly-personalized training centre for mature professional people. The centre is in a spacious and elegant Georgian building in Worchester, far from the London crowds. Professional English and general English courses. Private training and groups classes (maximum six participants). Average age of clients is 44. Read more