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Accommodation is a big part of the English language immersion experience.

To be happy and to learn well you must be comfortable. We will help you find the best home-away-from-home which matches your budget and your profile, whether you are a student, a couple, a vegan or a company director.

We really like homestay accommodation because you live with local people.

Homestay combines quality, friendliness and very good value for money. It is suitable both for people who want a lot of contact with their host and also for those who prefer to be free and independent.

Homestay reinforces and improves your English communication skills and also your inter-cultural skills. It’s English 24/7. Homestay families know how to make you feel at home. They will help you to quickly discover your new city or town.

Sure, it is not always easy living in somebody’s home—sometimes not even our own—but most of our students really enjoy their homestay experience. Some of them make friends for life. Our homestay families are checked and selected by our schools.

We have two categories of homestay accommodation: standard homestay and the more comfortable executive homestay.

Standard Homestay

Standard Homestay offers the best value for money. Most students choose the half-board option; breakfast and dinner every night and three meals a day at the weekend. No shopping, no cooking. More time to practise your irregular verbs ???? and go out at night.

You can have you own private room, or share a twin room or a double room if you are with a friend or partner. A standard homestay room usually includes a table or study desk. Some homestays have lovely big rooms and a swimming pool in the garden. Others are quite simple.

It is important to tell us if you are vegetarian, allergic to cats, or want to be in a family with children. We will do our best to match you with the right family.

If you want to be more independent, we recommend you start with 4–6 weeks in a homestay. Use this initial period to settle in and discover other accommodation options and then make your choice. The good news is that Standard Homestay is generally very flexible. If you find a better alternative you just need to give the school one week’s notice, get your reimbursement, and then move.

If you have any problems in your homestay, you can talk to the family, the school Homestay manager or you can even contact The Language House.

Executive Homestay

We recommend Executive Homestay for our professional clients. Stay in a comfortable house with your own private bathroom, enjoy excellent meals and professional hosts. This is the best way to improve your all important social English. Most of our clients are more than pleasantly surprised. They report back excellent food and interesting conversations.

It’s also much cheaper than a hotel, residence or guesthouse. We recommend that you invest your money in extra private lessons, not in a hotel room.

But if homestay is not your cup of tea, there are student residences, student houses, flat share and apartments and hotels available at almost all our schools.