South Africa

Melting pot of cultures
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South Africa

South Africa is a great destination if you are looking for a complete change of scenery, a lion or two ????, and a good language school. It’s a land of adventure, sport, nature and wildlife. There are amazing places to explore. The population is about 53 million and there is lots of sunshine almost all year round. Our school in Cape Town offers the Cambridge exams as well as amazing volunteering programmes in South Africa and Namibia . You can work with children, the elderly, do some organic farming or work with animals such as monkeys, elephants and lions in national parks.

Unfortunately getting a visa is not simple. The visa regulations are in a state of flux. It has been more difficult in recent years to study in South Africa. A tourist visa is okay for short courses. However, you will need a student visa for longer courses. You must apply for your visa at least four weeks before your departure at your nearest South African Embassy, High Commission or Consulate . So you will have to enrol and finalise your course about 6 to 10 weeks before you leave.