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We are not a travel agency, but we can help you to find the best flights and assist you with travel arrangements. We will help you shop around to find the best price and the most direct flights.

For most destinations, you should arrive on the Sunday, the day before your course starts.

If you are off to Australia we advise you to arrive on the Friday or Saturday so you have a day or two to recover from jet lag. It’s a long flight to the land of kangaroos – about 22 hours. So, if you arrive for example in Sydney on a Saturday you will have to leave Switzerland or France on the Friday.

We recommend you fly as directly as possible. Try and avoid long waits to connecting flights.

We advise our students who are making long trips to take out a flight cancellation insurance, just in case they are unable to fly on their planned date.

We will also organise airport transfer for you – more information.