English schools, sunshine and the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean.
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The official languages in Malta are Maltese and English. The islands of Malta and Gozo are home to about 40 English language schools. You won’t get a 100% English experience, but you will be rewarded with a good dose of sun and beach therapy and 6,000 years of history.

Malta is accessible to most nationalities. No visa is necessary. It’s safe, and because of its small size, it’s easy to get around. Summer high season can be crowded and noisy. If you can, we advise you study outside the summer period. Malta is good for a short period of English studies. But we feel it’s better to invest in your English language skills in countries like the UK, Australia or Canada for longer term programmes.

Malta is an excellent choice if you a stressed professional in need of both a boost in your English and a holiday. One of our schools, Executive Training Institute (ETI) offers intensive private and small group programmes (minimum age is 24 and average age is 41).