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Students aged 12- 18

High school programmes in Australia offer a wide range of classic subjects in the field of science, humanities, arts and music, as well as aerospace, marine biology, business, creative industries, engineering, IT, sports, tourism and Australian studies. There are also intensive programmes to improve English language skills.

The Language House in Geneva works with Education Queensland International, (EQI) a state government body that places international students into the Queensland state school system.

Accommodation: High school students are placed in carefully selected homestay families.

Queensland is a huge state; almost three times the size of France. Queensland has beautiful surf beaches, pristine rainforests, the extraordinary Great Barrier Reef, and Australia’s amazing outback or 'red centre'. Queensland enjoys Australia’s best climate and is known for its active outdoor lifestyle..

We offer a choice of schools in Qeensland, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Cairns in the tropical north.

Students can study for three, six, nine or 12 months or longer in the Queensland high school programme.

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Students' comments

I arrived in Australia a stranger. I didn't know anyone. I had no idea about what the coming year was going to be like. All I knew was that I wanted to discover this country, the people, I wanted to feel this easy going Aussie lifestyle everyone was always talking about. Here I am, one year later and Australia treated me so well. I got the chance to meet so many beautiful people and to see such breath-taking places. The endless beaches and the crystal-clear water are two of many reasons why I will always be in love with the Gold Coast. I got to visit the most exciting markets, to chat to the friendliest locals and to catch some unbroken waves. During that year, not only my surf skills improve, but also my English got a lot better. Especially, the after-dinner conversations with my lovely homestay is something I won't forget. They treated me as if I was their own and that made my everyday life so easy. It was a good feeling to know you weren't alone in this huge country. Also, the school was very supportive. Merrimac State High School gave me the opportunity to broaden my horizons. I studied marine studies, Australian studies, tourism and I attended hospitality classes. These are all subjects I could only have dreamt of in Switzerland. I learnt heaps of unforgettable stuff, how to cook a traditional Aussie pie or how to sail and fish - but I also got to know more about myself. It definitely is an experience that I will never forget. I will never be completely at home again as a part of my heart will always be in Australia. I must thank my mum and The Language House for supporting me throughout my journey. I had the best time. I am forever grateful.

Yanara, CH, 15 years old, Merrimac High School Queensland Australia

I have been in Australia for one month now and a lot of things have happened. I had the time to really know my host family and now I feel like I m a member of it. They welcomed me wonderfully. They are very kind and I can took about everything with them. The school is easier here than in Swizerland but the difficulty is the language. I haven’t any problem with understanding but for speaking it’s a bit difficult sometimes. I have the time to improve my English and I feel like it’s already better!

Chloé, CH, 15 years old, Merrimac High School Queensland

The decision of going to Australia, doing an exchange for a whole year and leaving my little swiss town for such a long time was definitely not easy. One year before I came to Australia, my friend came back from exchange and that grabbed my attention. She told me all about it and how breathtaking the Gold Coast is. I made the most difficult but best decision of my life. My parents and friends always supported me to do what’s best for me and that made my decision a lot easier. I wanted to get to know new people with different cultures and learn a new language. I was sick of this same old town, sick of the cold weather and cold wind. I needed Vitamin D and a change. So, I decided to say goodbye to all my family, friends and my lover. Half a year later I packed my suitcase and flew to somewhere that felt like nowhere. Going somewhere without knowing nobody and without knowing what was expecting me. As soon as I arrived at the airport I looked around and everything was so different. My little swiss town of 2000 citizen turned into a big city with millions of citizens and people actually had a skin-color in this place. I took a deep breath and I knew that I was meant to be here. I could hear birds everywhere and the air felt so good. This was my first day in Australia and it felt like yesterday. Today I am proud to call this my second home. I was unlucky with my first host family but most important I learned a lot out of this situation and that will help me in my future. One day I will look back and I’ll know how to do it better. MY second host family made me feel like I’m part of their family and most important I felt safe. If I could, I would’ve stayed in this breathtaking place forever. I fell in love with the Gold Coast the very first day I arrived. I fell in love with the ocean, the beaches, the sunsets and sunrises and especially the people. I feel so lucky to be able to have done an exchange, I feel so lucky for my parents and all the people who made it possible. I have been lucky to be able to visit a lot of different places in Australia with my family and friends from overseas. I had the chance to travel the East Coast with my parents and go to the outback with Merrimac State High School. Australia is such an amazing country to live in and my dream is to settle down in beautiful country. Now my exchange is over, but I can say that it has been the best time of my life. I’ve been in so many places that will stay in my memories forever and met so many people who I will hopefully stay in contact forever. I am so grateful for all these memories and experiences and you can’t expect everything to be perfect, but for me, nothing could have been more perfect.

Anna, CH, 15, Merrimac High School Queensland

Parents' comments

Pour ma part, c'était un plaisir de travailler avec ton organisation, toujours serviable et à l'écoute. Les informations venant d'Australie étaient transférées dans les meilleurs délais et vous avez été toujours disponible pour répondre à mes questions. A recommander. Merci encore et plein de succès.

- Yanaras's mother

Anna has been in Australia for 10 months and it is an unbelievable and positive experience for her. Not everything was easy with adjusting to a new family, school and friends. We were very happy to have The Language House giving us the needed support. The program was very well-organized and Garry was always very supportive to resolve issues or to help in communication with school and host family. We can only recommend the program and the support from The Language House. It is a unique experience for a young adult. Of course, we miss Anna and we can’t wait to have her back home in a couple months.

Stefan, father of Anna CH aged 15 who studied for one academic year at Merrimac High School Queensland Australia

The Language House recommends Queensland as an exotic and safe destination for younger students:

  • Excellent choice of quality schools
  • A multicultural society
  • Natural beauty and a warm sunny climate
  • Modern cosmopolitan cities
  • Friendly communities
  • Beach, rainforest, Great Barrier Reef and outback
  • Low-cost living
  • Relaxed outdoor lifestyle
  • Population of 4.6 million
  • Second largest state in Australia
  • 16 UNESCO World Heritage listed sites

Our top five high schools in Queensland Australia


The Gap State High School, Mt Coot-tha, 15 minutes from centre of Brisbane.

  • Adventure and leadership studies (leadership centre and rock climbing centre on campus)
  • Drama, film, music and television, (performing arts centre on campus)
  • Graphics and visual arts
  • Industrial skills
  • Information processing and technology
  • Accelerated music programme
  • Mandarin Chinese programme


Smithfield State High School, 15 kms from the centre of Cairns.

  • Radio broadcasting, management and production
  • Outdoor education (canoeing, abseiling, snorkelling, camps, hiking)
  • Soccer, basketball and jazz academies
  • Innovations programmes (robotics)
  • University Aspirations Academy in partnership with James Cook University
  • Theatre and dance studios
  • Student-run FM radio station
  • French and Chinese language courses

Gold Coast

Merrimac State High School, Mermaid Waters.

  • Marine studies on Heron island
  • Master classes for academic achievement
  • Personal support for English language learners
  • Instrumental music, stage bands and jazz bands language learners
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Robotics lab
  • Confucius classroom

Gold Coast

Benowa State High School, Benowa.

  • Academic French immersion programmes (first in world competition 2011-2014)
  • French language school accredited in France
  • Music, dance and sports excellence programmes
  • Choirs, orchestras and bands
  • Marine science
  • Girls’ volleyball team number one in Australia
  • International student exchanges

Sunshine Coast

Mountain Creek State High School, four kms from Mooloolaba surf beach.

  • IB Diploma Years 10-12
  • Academies of dance, drama, music and art
  • Top national teams in volleyball, basketball and rugby
  • Marine science, snorkelling and boating
  • Gym membership with personal fitness trainers
  • English support programmes
  • Geography courses on Fraser island
  • Camps on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Japanese and Spanish language programmes

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