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English+ Demi–Pair Work

Reduce the cost of  your language travel by working as a part-time au-pair (demi-pair) while studying English in Australia.

Working as a demi-pair substantially reduces your living costs and is a great way to both integrate into your host family and Australian life.

Working as a demi-pair can save about CHF 5000 on a six-month language course.

Students work as demi-pairs for about 15 hours per week, before and after their school lessons. In exchange, they receive their accommodation and meals free of charge. The work is usually a mix of baby-sitting, taking kids to school and light household tasks.

Swiss and French students on a student visa can study full-time and work part-time as a au-pair in Australia. Some of our schools in Australia offer demi-pair work to both young men and young women. The minimum age for demi-pair work is 18.

Feedback is really positive. Students build strong relations with both the families and children that can often last a lifetime.

Demi-pair programs are available in larger cities such as Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and smaller towns next to the beach and rainforest such as Byron Bay, Noosa and the Sunshine Coast.

The minimum period for study and demi-pair work is 12-16 weeks, depending on the school.

If you want to work as a demi-pair you must start the process at least 12 weeks before you leave. You will need to provide several documents including a police clearance, three references, an introduction letter, and a first aid certificate.

Here are a few comments from our happy demi-pairs:

"Je veux juste vous dire combien j'ai adoré mon voyage en AustralieJ'ai passé un très bon moment dans ma famille de demi-pair à Byron Bay. J'ai adoré l'école, j'ai eu le meilleur professeur que j'ai jamais eu, j'ai beaucoup progressé en anglais et passé le Cambridge Advanced! Byron est une ville magnifique entourée de toutes ces plages magnifiques. Merci encore d'avoir organisé mon séjour à Byron." 

  • Agathe Baumberger CH Byron Bay English Language School 20 weeks General English + CAE exam + demi pair

"Thanks for your email, everything is going well here for me. My family is really nice, I'm quite lucky! I have two little boys (5 and 6 years old) and they are well-educated so I haven't had any problem yet! Currently, my mother is in Perth with me. The school is good, I did the FCE as well. I finished in March and then went to Bali one week before beginning the CAE. We are only 4 girls in my class so it's really intense and I'm improving my English extremely fast! I'll tell you more when I come back!"

  • Lola Nydegger CH General English and Cambridge exams 24 weeks plus demi pair Perth International College of English

"Perth is a little busy! But it's good! Anyway, I was also thinking to come back to Milner in one year or more to try to pass the TESOL!  My family is so lovely.  I love living with them, everything is perfect!"

  • Charlotte Charpail CH Milner International College of English Perth 26 weeks General English, Cambridge CAE and IELTS exam + demi-pair work

"J'aime Perth et il y a quelques belles plages et les villes est un peu petite, mais je le préfère! Et il y a beaucoup de choses à visiter.
Milner est une très bonne école qui propose de nombreux types de cours et de bons professeurs. Personnellement, j'aime être dans une famille en demi-paire parce que je pense avoir plus de contacts avec eux qu'avec une simple famille d'accueil et ma famille est vraiment sympa!"

  • Delphine Conus CH Milner International College of English Perth demi-pair 28 weeks General English plus IELTS

"Australia is amazing. People are so nice and the city too. But most of all the weather is amazing. I met new people at the school who are my friends now and feel that my English has improved a lot. The family makes me feel comfortable and show me around!"

  • Tihana Lentini CH Sydney English Academy Manly, 24 weeks General English plus Cambridge C1 (CAE) + demi-pair work 24 weeks