New Zealand

Fantastic landscape and friendly people
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New Zealand

For many people, New Zealand is simply paradise. It’s a pristine oasis far from the stress of urban life of Europe. New Zealand consists of the North and South islands—a small, quiet, green country, with a population of just 3.5 million. New Zealand is dominated by gorgeous nature. It’s here where Hobbits like Frodo Baggins like to go for their holidays. It has fresh air, clean water, magnificent beaches, lakes, hot springs, glaciers, mountains and fabulous skiing. It also has some excellent English language schools in Auckland, Nelson, Wellington and Coromandel. Prepare for your Cambridge CAE exam in Auckland - it's a brilliant way to kick-off a Gap Year in New Zealand.

Kiwis (New Zealanders) are super-friendly, funny, sweet and hospitable and love sport, especially rugby, cricket and sailing. The indigenous people—the Māori —have a strong social and cultural presence in New Zealand life. The Māori arrived in Aotearoa Land of the Long White Cloud—about 1000 years ago.

If you are going to New Zealand, please note the term Kiwi refers to the Kiwi bird not the Kiwi fruit. And if you wondering if it’s really true that there are more sheep than people in NZ…Yes, it is true.

New Zealand has some excellent English schools that offer all sorts of interesting English courses. For most Europeans with adventure in their heart, New Zealand is a fascinating and exotic new world.

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