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United States

The USA is one of the great destinations for English language training. Sunny California is the home of fabulous cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. We also have schools on the East Coast, in Boston, Miami and the extraordinary New York. And far out into the Pacific Ocean, we have a school in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Most of our schools offer the Cambridge exams as well as general and academic English. In the US, most students prefer to stay in residences rather than homestay families.

Your language trip needs to be organised well in advance. The US student visa procedure can be long and complicated. We recommend you complete your school enrolment form and give it to The Language House at least 12 weeks (three months) before you plan to leave. You will also have to attend an interview at the US Embassy in Bern .

It’s a little complicated recommending the USA as a destination for learning English today. The laws about who can come and who can’t are still quite fluid. If you are Swiss or French and have a clean passport (no history in your passport or family history that links you to the US list of banned countries ) you probably should be fine. Probably….

If you are determined to study English in the USA, we would be delighted to help you. Our schools in the USA will be more than delighted to see you.

We receive industry updates regularly about the state of the travel bans in the US. Please call us if you have some questions.