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Residents of this small country enjoy a quality of life which is the envy of most. Life in the 21 st century seems to run efficiently and smoothly in Switzerland.

The countryside is breathtakingly beautiful. In just one day, visitors can move seamlessly from lakes to snowfields, medieval cities to chic urban centres. And it is right in the centre of Europe with easy access by trains and planes. It’s no wonder international organisations and international companies have their headquarters in Geneva , Lausanne , Bern , Basel and Zürich .

Switzerland has three main regions and languages; German-speaking Switzerland , French-speaking Switzerland (also known as Romandy) and Italian-speaking Switzerland concentrated in the Canton of Ticino . English is the lingua franca in cities like Geneva where 40% of the population are foreigners. And by the way, forget what you read or were told: Fondues are fabulous.

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