The world’s most compact international city

Geneva is a surprisingly small city that punches well above its weight in the world of business and international affairs. It has a population of just 190,00 of which 40 per cent are foreigners. This gives the city a unique international feel where you can often hear four different languages while pushing your shopping trolley down just one supermarket aisle. The locals speak French, but almost everyone speaks some degree of English which is the official language for the many international organisations and business headquarters based in the city.

Geneva is built on the shores of Lake Geneva —the largest lake in Europe. Locally, it is called Lac Léman. The Rhône River also flows through the city. France is a stone throw away, as are some of the finest ski reports in Europe. Geneva is an expensive city, but at the same time offers visitors and residents an exceptional quality of life.

The Language House

The Language House offers English courses in Geneva and language travel courses all around the English-speaking world. The Language House gives private and small group English courses, both in-company and in its offices in the centre of Geneva.

Our goal is to increase your confidence and fluency in English as quickly as possible. We create a friendly, but serious environment where you can develop your English. Fun, but challenging.

Classes are tailored to the clients’ language needs so that newly acquired language skills can be quickly transferred to the workplace.

Our clients come from all walks of life: lawyers, bankers, psychologists, midwives, accountants, public servants, academics, company directors, students, restauranteurs, relationships managers, real estate directors, journalists, traders and IT staff.

The Language House is an active player in the promotion of English language learning in Switzerland. Director Garry Littman writes regularly for the leading Swiss business magazine Bilan and writes and records podcasts for the Swiss national English broadcaster, World Radio Switzerland.


  • The Language House is in Geneva, next to the French border on Lake Leman
  • The Language House offices are in Rue du Stand next to the city’s bank and finance quarter and a five minute walk from the centre of Geneva

Geneva Programmes

The Language House teaches both in-company and its training centre offices

Lessons range from one lesson (1.5 hours) per week to eight lessons (12 hours) per week

language travel courses

The Language House also organises language training for students and professionals in 45 cities and towns in the following countries:


  • Max class size: 4 students
  • Average class size: 2–3 students
  • Private lessons: The Language House specialises in private 1:1 language training for professional people
  • Average Age: 40
  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Course content is based on the client’s need and objectives
  • Lessons are usually 90 minutes

Something extra about your courses

At The language House, we do much more that teach English. We open windows and doors into the Anglo-Saxon culture. Our lessons are fun and often fascinating: We touch on subjects such as Klingon , Jamie Oliver , Downtown Abbey , the ‘n–word’ , the Boston Tea Party , witches and witchcraft , US politics , Sir Isaac Newton , pirates and piracy , Roger Federer , Artificial Intelligence and the history of bankruptcy and much more.

The Language House

We’ve been teaching English in Geneva for more than 15 years; mostly private 1:1 and small group courses.

Here are some of the types of courses we teach: English in Geneva