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General English

General English is offered at all levels from beginner to advanced.

General English is the best choice if you are a beginner or low-level English speaker, you don’t want to do an exam, or if you only have a short period to study.

Many students start with a General English course to improve their language skills before starting an examination course. General English courses usually start either each Monday or on a set date each month. Programs are flexible and can last from two weeks to nine months.

On your first day at school you will be tested. You will then be placed in a class of students with a similar level. Students are tested regularly and as your English improves you can move up to the next level.

General English classes concentrate on communicative English; speaking and listening, as well as reading and writing. The objective is to give you the confidence and skills to communicate in a wide variety of situations. Full-time classes range from 20 to 30 hours per week. The number of students per class is usually between 10 and 15. Several of our school have courses with a maximum of 6 or 8 students. We also have General English courses are for older students 25+ and 30+.

Most schools offer optional subjects in the afternoon. These may include business English, travel and tourism, exam preparation, academic English, reading and writing, English literature, job skills, media and the internet to name a few…

Some of our school also offer General English in the morning with afternoon activities such as surfing, diving, golf, yoga, music, volunteering.