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Private Training

The quickest and most efficient way to improve your English is to have your own private 1:1 teacher. Your private English course is personalised and tailored to your needs. Results come rapidly. It’s all about you and how you need to communicate in English.

It’s like taking a private jet instead of a low-cost airline. More expensive, but much faster and effective, especially if you don’t have much time.

We start with an analysis of your level and your language objectives and then develop a programme in partnership with you.

There are a number of options for private training, depending on your availability and your budget.

If you are studying in an English-speaking country you can usually choose from 15 to 40 hours of private lessons per week. We recommend about 25 to 30 hours per week absolute maximum. After a month, you will feel like you’ve completed a language marathon. You’ll have a whole new range of language muscles. Your will find your communication skills have moved to a whole new level.

Another option is a combination course, for example, 15 hours of group classes and 15 hours of private lessons.

We offer four options for private 1:1 lessons. If you want some more information, please complete the contact form on this page.

Private lesson at our schools around the world

Almost all our schools offer private lessons. Our centres for professional English specialise in private lessons with mature trainers who have experience in your field of world: Finance, law, engineering, marketing, management, media, production, law, hospitality or diplomacy to name a few…. We can match you with experienced trainers in cities such as London, Cambridge, New York and Canterbury.

Many schools offer combination courses; small group lessons in the morning and private one-to-one courses in the afternoon. This is also a highly-recommended option.

Private lessons (in your teacher’s home) in the UK

At InTuition Languages in the UK you can live and study in your teacher’s home. You are a guest in the family, with structured lessons each day and activities to share with your teacher. We will match your profile and needs with the right trainer. Choose from many locations across England, Scotland and Ireland. Courses include: General English, professional English, academic English, exam preparation and English for young learners.

  • choose from 3 to 5 hours of one-to-one English a day
  • full-board accommodation in comfortable home
  • comfortable study-bedroom
  • a personalised study plan, course materials and electronic report and certificate
  • 2 afternoon activities per week

Private lessons in Geneva

We’ve been teaching one-to-one English to bankers, journalists, doctors, IT staff, students, psychologists, traders, midwives, company directors, lawyers, relationship managers, teachers, real estate directors, analysts and editors for more than 15 years.

We will design a programme (with your help) that will meets your professional or private objectives.

English for Lunch in Geneva

English for Lunch is one of most popular courses in Geneva. It is lunch/English lesson in a comfortable restaurant. The course is ideally suited to professional people with a good level of English who need to develop and exercise their communication skills. It’s enjoyable, effective and a smart use of your lunchtime.