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Our clients come from all walks of life; young and old, students and professionals, from ski instructors to CEOs….

They are happy to talk about their experience at The Language House.

  • I never imagined when we started that I would become fluent in English and that I could manage meetings and video conferences in English and follow English language films. It’s fantastic. Many thanks.
  • The Language House adapts the content of the courses to our needs on a weekly basis. One week we work on presentations, another week we work on language for meetings. We can use the English from these lessons immediately in our daily work with our clients.
  • I really appreciated the English courses with The Language House and especially Garry, our teacher who was friendly, serious while also having a sense of humour. I am sure that my English is much better today thanks to lessons with The Language House.
  • The lessons are very full of life, very interesting, and adapted to our need - a group of journalists.
  • Yes, I highly recommend The Language House as an ideal solution for companies that need to improve their English communication skills.
  • I am now much more confident and relaxed in English. No more stress. It is possible to have efficiency, pleasure and fun learning business English with The Language House.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I am starting today at P&G!! My two interviews in English went really well. Thank you so much for your great advice, these interviews were exactly on the same line as yours.
  • My English lessons with The Language House were interesting, fun and lively. I feel much more comfortable speaking English. If I have to socialise in English or moderate a forum in English, I don’t have the panic and stress I had before. I actually look forward to using my English.

Why Choose The Language House

English for you
English for you
We are English language training specialists based in Geneva. We offer English courses in Geneva and around the world. The Language House is your one-stop shop for English.
Australia specialists
Australia specialists
Our director is Australian. We have a fabulous choice of destinations in the land of the kangaroo. Why not combine English and surfing in beautiful Byron Bay? It doesn’t get much better.
Happy clients
Happy clients
Don’t listen to us. Read what our clients say about their experience with The Language House.
Visas and travel
Visas and travel
Many countries are tightening their study and tourist visa conditions. It’s getting more and more complicated. We’ll help you get the right visa. No stress.
Cambridge Exams
Cambridge Exams
Cambridge exams are popular, especially in Switzerland. They are excellent exams to develop your communications skills and they add muscle to your CV.
Friendly Canada
Friendly Canada
Canada is big; a land of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes and, of course, warm and friendly Canadians. It is also the cheapest destination for a long-term English course.
Demi-pair Australia
Demi-pair Australia
Reduce the cost of your trip to Australia. Study English and live and work with a family as a demi-pair…Six months of demi-pair work can save you up to CHF 5,000.
Be comfortable
Be comfortable
We have a range of living options for you. One that is best suited to your needs and your budget. If you are comfortable and relaxed, the English comes easily.

English+ WORK

Study and work at the same time
You won’t get rich, but you will earn a little bit of extra pocket money. But more importantly, a job in a café, restaurant, picking fruit on a farm or working as a demi-pair are all fabulous ways to exercise your English, make new friends and discover your city or country. Prepare a CV in English before you go…
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Some of our clients

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Professional English courses in Geneva and London
Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA

Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SA

Professional English courses in Geneva and the UK


Private lessons in Geneva for sales director and finance analyst
Payot Libraire

Payot Libraire

English for bookstore staff in Geneva (22 participants)


Professional English for journalists and marketing team in Geneva


Professional English in Geneva for CEO and Director of Marketing
deRham SA

deRham SA

Professional English in Lausanne for CEO and three department heads
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

General and professional English in Malta

The Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre is a small friendly school that teaches communicative English. If you are looking for an intimate family-like atmosphere away from the big cities, this is the place to go. Imagine a cool English holiday camp. The school believes in learning by doing. It offers more than 50 activities including archery, golf, pottery, boogie–boarding, surfing, fishing, kayaking, sailing and stand–up paddle–boarding. It’s a small school with never more than 60 students.


Whitianga is a seaside town on the Coromandel Peninsula, in the Waikato region of New Zealand's North Island. The town is located on Mercury Bay, on the north east coast of the peninsula, east of Auckland. The school is set in an old villa, just across the road from the water. It is just a short walk to the centre of town and a few more to the nearest beach.



Most homestays are within 15–20 minutes walking distance to school. If they are any further away there will be a bike provided. Most students walk to school.

Student residences:

Little Paradise Lodge is 5 minute walk from school. Single or double rooms with shared bathrooms or en suites. The student house is about 20 minute walk from school. There are 3 rooms available. Students share the kitchen and living areas.


  • General English full-time and part-time
  • FCE Cambridge exam preparation
  • English plus Activities
  • English plus Surfing
  • English plus Environmental Volunteering


  • Max class size: 12 students
  • Average class size: 8 students in summer, less in winter
  • School capacity: 25 in winter, 55 in summer
  • Average Age: all ages
  • Minimum Age: 16


It is easy to find work here in the summer months, but it is harder in the winter. Students who have a working holiday visa, and those who book 14 weeks or more on a student visa can work part-time in New Zealand.


COLC offers an amazing selection of activities.

Choose from:

  • bush walks
  • beach visits
  • aikido
  • archery
  • yoga
  • tennis
  • squash
  • golf
  • pottery
  • boogie–boarding
  • surfing
  • fishing
  • kayaking
  • sailing
  • stand–up paddle-boarding

The school also organises day trips and some weekend trips.

The Language House likes

The special things about this school are the friendly family atmosphere and its extensive activities program. Learning by doing moves English learning out of the classroom into the community and the environment and makes learning fun. If you want to study somewhere intimate, supportive and surrounded by the most beautiful landscape, then this is the place for you.

Other Courses

Private Training

Private lessons 1:1 - the fast track method to becoming a confident and fluent English communication.

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We offer IELTS exam preparation courses in Geneva and the UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia andNew Zealand

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Gap-Year Courses

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English for Lunch

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