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English and travel is our cup of tea
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About Us

English is our cup of tea

Are you a business manager who needs to make a professional presentation in English? Are you stressed when you speak in English? Do you need to pass the IELTS exam to study for your master’s degree? Are you looking for an online learning course? Is your company switching from French to English? Are you a health professional who needs to communicate with English-speaking patients? Do you want to work for an international company? Do you need to prepare for a job interview in English?

Our story, so far…

The Language House in Geneva has been helping students and professionals in Switzerland and France develop their confidence and fluency in English since 2003. We specialise in English language training. Only English. English is our cup of tea. We have a team of five experienced trainers (see below).

English courses in Geneva, online and around the world

We don’t just teach English in Geneva; we also organise immersion courses in English-speaking countries around the world. We work with a select group of training centres and language schools in the UK, Australia, the US, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. You can read detailed profiles of our partner schools on our website – www.tlh.ch (click on destinations).

Our students

Our students come from all walks of life; business, finance, law, real estate, hospitality, the health sector, media, international organisations, IT, academia and education, science, engineering, watchmaking and the public sector to name a few. Some are complete beginners, while others are almost native speakers. We cater for all levels. Some have specific objectives, including improving presentation and writing skills, sitting for an exam or preparing for an interview. Most of our students are looking to boost their confidence and fluency in English.

Our team

A passionate, positive and experienced team to support you. Our team is made up of qualified trainers who are ready to immerse themselves in your language development.  We will support you with intelligence and creativity, so that you reach your communication objectives. Lessons are demanding, robust and challenging. 

We believe learning must be a pleasurable experience. You can also expect to laugh and drink lots of tea and coffee.

Meet our team

Our mission

To offer quality, personalised courses that provide our students with the practical English language tools they need to progress in their professional, academic and personal life.

Where are we?

We are in Rue du Stand close to the Geneva city centre. Our offices are a two-minute walk from the tram and bus stop ‘Stand’. Our website: www.tlh.ch

We listen to you

Our service is personalised. It is tailor-made, as much as possible. We will listen to your aims and ambitions and then advise you accordingly. We use tested and proven methods and worldrecognised learning materials, which are personally selected for each student. We invest our time in our students. We wouldn’t do it any other way. We are not a language factory. Why? Because we want you to get the maximum out of this experience. We build relationships of trust. We want you to come back to us and bring your friends, family and colleagues.

Pleasure in learning

We have fun, too. So do our clients. We are a hub of learning, discovery, laughter, and regular intakes of tea and coffee. Our courses are challenging, intensive and rewarding. Never boring. You’ll be speaking English with a smile on your face.

Nothing we do is standard

We don’t do standard textbooks, nor standard lessons. We do offer quality lessons with individually selected books and materials to satisfy your specific requirements. We will give you practical English that you can take straight out of the classroom and apply in your workplace, life, travel or studies.

International network

The Language House has a rich international network of English schools and training centres around the world. We work closely with most of our language schools, many of them award-winning and recognised industry leaders. We know the people in our partner schools – the owners, the registrars and the people in charge of accommodation. And they know us and our students. We visit our schools regularly and attend workshops and language conferences such as the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) each year. The Language House is a founding member of LILAS Switzerland – Leading Independent Language Agencies of Switzerland.

What our clients say

Our clients not only improve their English, they also enjoy their English lessons. You can read our clients’ comments here.

Read our Google reviews here.


‘I really enjoy my English lessons with The Language House. They are interesting, fun and lively and I get to work on my spoken English. I feel much more comfortable speaking English. I know I still make mistakes. But if I have to socialise in English or moderate a forum in English, I don’t have the panic and stress I had before. I actually look forward to using my English when I have the opportunity.’

Stéphane Benoit-Godet, Rédacteur en chef, Le Temps


‘The Language House possède la méthode pour débrider votre anglais au plus haut niveau. Très satisfait du résultat. Je le recommande vivement, son enseignement est vraiment sur-mesure et il s'adapte très rapidement aux niveaux et aux objectifs de ses élèves pour les pousser vers l'excellence.’

Stéphane Lafourcade, Business Development Director, Investivity Genève

‘Many thanks for your professionalism! Your repeated drilling helped me to successfully conduct my business project in a minimum of time. Thanks to your personalized lessons, I was able to make my English presentations in China successfully. I will not hesitate one second to call on you whenever I need a help of high quality.’

Mireille Baptist, medical researcher andractitioner


‘I would like to tell you how much I appreciated our English for lunch lessons over the past three years. I really enjoyed the lunches and I made a lot of progress. I am more comfortable with my English in work and social situations. I never imagined when we started that I would become fluent in English and that I could manage meetings and video conferences in English and follow English language films. It’s fantastic. Many thanks and best wishes.’

Bertrand Pasche, Sales Director, Technew SA Geneva


English for lunch with my fantastic personal teacher and coach, helps me once a week to improve my English. In my daily business, I often need to speak English with my clients. My lunch lessons are much more interesting, motivating, instructive and funny than simple classroom lessons. It is real life and I can use the learned expressions immediately in my daily conversations. I am more fluent, confident and much more relaxed when I have a conversation with a client in English. This is the reason why I have decided to take another 10 lessons at The Language House!

Judith Hilfiker, directeur-adjoint, Julius Baer

Who should you speak to:

Garry Littman, CEO/director +41 22 32 152 63 or +41 79 522 62 91 Sian Tobin, senior trainer +41 76 830 43 73

How we organise your lessons at The Language House

1. We will assess your level in reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary.

2. We work with you to establish your goals.

3. We will design a personalised course with textbooks, e-learning, podcasts and other materials.

4. We will monitor your progress to ensure that you are meeting your academic or professional objectives. Most importantly, we’ll make sure that you communicate in English with greater confidence and with a smile on your face.

Contact us


35 rue du Stand CH- 1204

Tel. +41 22 321 52 63 or +41 79 522 62 91

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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