Blended learning
Combining online materials with traditional classroom methods
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Blended learning

Blended learning

Blended learning combines online educational materials with traditional classroom methods.

We firmly believe the best and most efficient method of learning English is with a teacher. It might not be the cheapest, but it is the most effective. On-line learning has some benefits. It can, if managed effectively by the teacher and student, compliment the language learning process.

Why do we prefer teacher-based learning? The simple answer is that languages are for communicating with other humans. Communication is interactive; emotional, cultural, theatrical, humorous and formal and informal. Your trainer is your guide and mirror. Language skills are not developed by clicking your mouse on the right box while sitting in front of a computer.

Statistics show that most on-line learning, despite the often-grandiose marketing claims, has a massive dropout rate between 40% to 70%. In language courses this can often be even higher.

The Language House works with Pearson - the world’s leading publisher of English language learning resources. Pearson offers extra online lessons that complement course methods.

The Pearson business method Market Leader has five levels from elementary to advanced. Market Leader has been developed in association with the Financial Times and includes business skills, listening exercises, role plays, case studies and revision and self-assessment as well as extra online videos and exercises.

Market leader book covers

For General English students Pearson also publishes Speakout which includes materials from the BBC as well as online videos and exercises that can be easily accessed by students.

These online resources are linked to classwork and carefully managed by our teachers so that you can maximise your potential. We also incorporate podcasts and recommend series to improve students’ listening skills, understanding of different accents and cultural knowledge.

We also recommend some cheap and free apps that will help your English. Our trainers will help you choose the best app at the right level and make sure you are using effectively.

We encourage our students to use these extra materials under the supervision of their trainer. We also give most students a graded (simplified) novel to read (available from A2 to C1 level).

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