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Do you remember the last time you fell in love ?

Did you fancy him from the first moment ? Were you infatuated with her ? Was it love at first sight on both sides? Or was it unrequited ?

Sometimes in life, if you are lucky, a door opens and instinctively you know this is the way. Call it what you like, an epiphany or a calling. The big question is, are you going to follow this path? Are you a believer ?

When photographer Letizia Battaglia first began taking pictures of the carnage of the mafia in Palermo in southern Italy in the 80s, she would often arrive on a murder scene at the same time as an elderly photographer in suit and tie.

To and for are two innocent-looking words, but for French speakers, they are not so simple. They can be quite confusing. When do you use to and when do you use for in a sentence?

Game of Thrones fans among us are familiar with the expression, “Winter is coming”. Well, it certainly is here in Switzerland, but on the metaphorical level, this expression announces change; menacing change.

Changing ingrained and unconscious habits such as sexist or man-centred or racist language needs discipline and awareness.

I’ve got a song stuck in my head. It pings around my neurons and exits in whistle, song and hum from dusk to dawn. On repeat play.

You probably know the song, if you like your dogs with diamonds, know an astronaut called Major Tom, or like a little stardust…

(Level B1+)

I look forward to hearing from you is a golden expression used in both written and spoken English.

Level B2+

Who is the graffitist/provocateur/collective known as Banksy?

Who cares? In fact, I wish the plague upon those so-called reporters who want to unmask Banksy.

Let’s just say he’s probably from Bristol in the UK and has been linked with the cult music group/collective Massive Attack. The latter is definitely cool.

Level A2+

Some French speakers who speak English as a second or third language have adopted a robotic style of English

If I ask a student: How are you? I know 90% will respond with this robotic reply: Fine and you?
Robotic or automatic answers lack warmth and charm.

Level B1+

Giving an opinion can be quite easy. However, when we give our opinion, we must be careful that we do not sound too cold or insensitive. And we often also need to give more subtle and nuanced replies.

We can partially agree or agree to some extent, and totally agree and completely disagree

Level A2+

The verbs say and tell are very similar, but say is more about expressing something, and tell is more about informing or instructing someone.

Mary: Where’s John. He said he was coming to the party.

Peter: That’s funny, he told me he had an important meeting. He said he wouldn’t be here until 9pm.

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