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Examens ELTS

Préparation au test IELTS à Genève

The Language House propose des cours privés et des cours en petits groupes à Genève et aussi en-ligne pour la préparation au examen IELTS (académique et général).

Nous préparons les étudiants aux examens IELTS pour les cours universitaires, ainsi que pour les masters et les doctorats.

Nous organisons également des cours IELTS intensifs (20 à 30 heures par semaine) au Royaume-Uni, en Irlande, en Australie, en Nouvelle-Zélande et au Canada.

L’IELTS est le test d’anglais le plus réputé au monde. Si vous envisagez de travailler, d’étudier ou de vivre à l’étranger, le test IELTS peut vous aider à concrétiser votre rêve. En 2019, quatre-millions de personnes ont passé le test IELTS.

Il n’y a pas de score de réussite ou d’échec : les étudiants reçoivent un score pour chaque épreuve (tests d’oral, d’écoute, de lecture et d’écrit) ainsi qu’un score global allant de 1 à 9. La plupart des universités exigent un score compris entre 5.5 et 7.5. Les dates d’examen de l’IELTS sont plus flexibles que celles des examens de Cambridge. Les examens ont lieu presque chaque semaine.

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'I found out about The Language House via Garry’s blog in the newspaper Le Temps. Eager to pursue my studies in International Relations, a high level of English was essential. For four months I attended lessons with Garry and Sian in order to prepare for my IELTS. Thanks to their high-quality courses, I mastered my English and received 7.5 and was subsequently admitted to my dream Master’s Degree in International and European Governance. I am grateful to have learned by their side about English and life in general. I highly recommend them for the way they teach and their dedication.'
Beatrice Jotterand, Geneva, Masters student


‘I took a short and intensive IELTS exam preparation course with The Language House in order to be accepted for my Masters at a university in the Netherlands. My teacher was 100 per cent focused on the skills I needed to get the best result. He was always available to answer my questions and correct my work and suggest improvements. He knew how to guide and push me to get my English to the next level. After two months of hard work and lots of practice tests, I successfully passed my exam with an overall band of 7!  It was better than I had hoped for. I strongly recommend The Language House if you want to improve your English and also enjoy a friendly atmosphere for studying.’

Max Fuchs Geneva, Masters student Holland


‘I am very happy with my results. I needed a mark of 5.0 and I managed to have 7.0. My trainer helped me a lot and made me feel at ease. I am very grateful.’

Rose-Marie William, University of Geneva


'I took English lessons with Garry in order to improve my level and pass the IELTS Academic Test. The lessons were well-organised, dynamic and interesting! They helped me to prepare more effectively for the exam. Finally, I got a score of 7.5 which is the equivalent of C1 level. I recommend Garry as English teacher!'

Alina Daatsi, Geneva, Masters student


'I have just received a mail with my results. I received an overall score of 7.5. I got a 8.5 in reading and listening! I was not expecting that at all. My goal, which was more a hope than a goal to be perfectly honest, was to have at least 5.5 in each section and an overall of 6. I am delighted with these results and it is thanks to my two trainers Garry and Virag. You gave me very suitable tips and made my English improve extremely quickly. Honestly, when I was reasoning about transferring into another university, I thought it was just a delusion and that I would never meet the requirements to do so, notably because of English. I registered for the IELTS exam because it was good to assess my skills anyway. But now, studying abroad is starting to become a reality and it is thanks to you and I do NOT say these words to be polite. Before my first lesson with Garry, I had never spoken or written in English for more than five years and, at that time, my level was deplorable. I know that I still need to improve my English, especially speaking, but you have offered me the most beautiful - early - present for Christmas. I cannot thank you enough but THANK YOU very very much!'

Loic Remolif, Masters student


'Great news! I received an overall score of 7.5 for my IELTS test! I’m really happy with these results, thanks again for your help. Very good preparation course, you helped me to improve my writing and my speaking with examples of exam papers as well as specific supports at the level I wanted to obtain.'

Tamara Mino, Masters Biology

 'I had 5 lessons with Garry to prepare the IELTS test for an application to EHL. Very motivating person. He gave me lots of useful advices and practical exercises to help me to work especially on the writing part of the test. I needed a 6 overall band and I did better than I expected.'

Vincent Stasolla, Ecole Hôtelèrie de Lausanne


'I had a one month intensive class with The Language House in Geneva in order to pass my IELTS test which is compulsory to take part in an exchange program in my university. I got an overall score of 7.0 and all my scores were above 6.0 which was the minimum level I needed. The classes given by The Language House were focused on the skills I needed. It was lot of work. My teacher Garry Littman clearly knew how to get my English to the next level. It was hard work, particularly the writing, but at the end it was definitely a course that will help me in my academic and professional life. I’m deeply thankful for having this great opportunity to study at The Language House and for the responsiveness and support of my teacher.'

Yael Massini, International Relations student


‘I highly recommend The Language House for anyone with a project of any kind and where learning English is essential. For my part I need the IELTS diploma to be able to go to Australia, so thanks to Garry, I am about to have it, his patient and his method of learning puts you in confidence and he makes you develop and use the maximum of your capacities . So thank you very much to The Language House for your help and your good mood. If you need to speak English go to The Language House without hesitation.'

Barbara Schaal, University Australia


‘Garry helped me to effectively prepare for the Academic IELTS test and obtain the results I needed. I got an overall score of 8.0. I highly recommend him as a language coach. He gave me excellent advice on how to improve my academic writing and helped me to regain fluency.’

Suzy H, Master in International Relations


'The Language House has become the place where I find my full confidence in improving my English language and with the encouragement from Garry I  have passed my IELTS (6.5) with flying colours. The best place and this will always be a home for me. Thank you Garry for the best English classes. Thank you.'

Tereze Rostas, Masters student


TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

Le TOEFL est aussi destiné aux étudiants qui souhaitent étudier à l’université. L’examen est très populaire aux États-Unis. Il n’est pas éliminatoire. Vous recevez une note qui indique votre niveau de compétence. Cet examen tend à être remplacé de plus en plus par l’IELTS.

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TOEIC - Test of English for International Communication

Le TOEIC est parfaitement adapté si vous avez besoin d’un certificat prouvant votre niveau d’Anglais dans une situation professionnelle. Nous sommes convaincus qu’un cours d’Anglais Général ou d’Anglais Professionnel est un meilleur investissement.

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