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Intensive English courses in a virtual classroom
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A séjour linguistique from home?

Intensive English courses in a virtual classroom

Date: Sepetember 1 2020

Unfortunately, language travel has been rudely interrupted by the coronavirus. The situation is fast changing.

However, there are options for students and motivated learners who urgently need to improve their English or must pass exams for future studies or work.

Most of our partner English language schools around the world now offer intensive language courses in a virtual classroom.

You can prepare for IELTS and Cambridge exams from home. You can also join dynamic English courses for mature professional people in some of the best training centres in the world.

There is a wide selection of courses and the prices are quite reasonable. There are no travel or accommodation costs. All you need is motivation and a computer.

Most schools offer free trial lessons so you can see how the lessons work online in a virtual classroom.

Unfortunately, some schools are closing their doors. The situation changes week to week.

If you urgently need to improve your English, please call our director Garry Littman and talk to him your objectives and plans.

Or you can complete our information form here or call The Language House directly on +41 22 321 52 63.


English courses in Geneva

Of course, there are options here in Geneva: English courses in Geneva at The Language House


When can I go on my séjours linguistiques?

That’s a good question. At the time of writing (September 1 2020) some countries have reopened, such as the UK and Ireland. Canada has opened and then closed again. Australia is closed. The choice of flights is also limited to some countries.

Some countries will open before others, but there will be some restrictions and quarantine guidelines. The situation is fluid.

Contact us with your plans and questions and we will reply as soon as we have a better view of the future. We remain in close contact with our partner schools around the world. They are desperately looking forward to seeing you in their schools.


If I enrol now, and I cannot go because of the coronavirus will I get a refund?

Yes, you can book now and pay later. Our partner schools will offer complete or almost complete refunds, if you cannot travel because of the coronavirus - even if you cancel the week before your course starts. Yes, it is a good idea to plan ahead for your language travel course.

Complete our information form here or call us directly on +41 22 321 52 63.