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The UK is the home of the English language. This small island once travelled the world planting its flag on foreign soils, claiming vast world territories, peoples and riches. World influence has waned, but the English some say, still believe they know best. Queen Elizabeth and her family still head the Commonwealth a bizarre mix of former colonies around the world. The UK has produced Shakespeare, the game of cricket, The Beatles, Princess Di and Mr. Bean. It must be interesting, if not a little eccentric.

The Language House schools in England

In our opinion:

The UK is probably the first place to think about going to learn English. It has quality schools and stringent qualification requirements for teachers. It has produced the leading international English tests - the Cambridge exams - and is definitely the world leader in most facets of professional and business training. And it's only an short flight away from Switzerland. On the downside the weather can often be very ordinary to depressing. Some of our clients say British people can be a little cold and distant and difficult to engage in conversation, while others have a brilliant time. A longer term programme (12 weeks or more) is generally cheaper in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom
United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom United Kingdom


London is a magnificent world city of eight million inhabitants. It offers an extraordinary choice of arts, theatre, music, museums and restaurants. And this choice comes in all shapes and sizes, grungy, chic, alternative, punk, classical etc... London is also a bustling world financial capital, an excellent place to study business and professional English. On your first day you may find it noisy, congested and dirty. By the end of the week you'll find it exciting, vibrant and perhaps even a miracle.
We work with a number of schools in London. Some are in the centre of London, some in green and comfortable residential areas close to the city. Some of our training providers specialise in Cambridge exams, some are exclusively for business and professional training. We also work with schools that specialise in General English and exam courses for more mature students (average age 30). Accommodation includes Executive and Standard Homestay families, student residences, share houses, apartments and hotels. In our Language Homestay programme you can even improve your English while living under the same roof as your teacher. London is an expensive city. We generally recommend our clients use the Homestay Family - a cheaper option and definitely pedagogically the most effective. Whatever you training objective London is sure to offer it.

view of city of London   London guards riding horses
View of London
London guard

Cambridge and Oxford

The two great university cities of the UK are steeped in academic history and traditions. Some people say just living there for a short period makes you more intelligent. Cambridge and Oxford attract a slightly older and more mature person. There are plenty of distractions for the year round large student populations. Our schools offer all kinds of programmes including General English, exams, Business English, English for Academic Studies, English for Medicine and Teacher Training.

Torquay and Bath

If you have an allergy to big cities like London then Torquay on the English Rivera, and Bath, an historic university city, are two options worth investigating. Torquay is the capital of the English Côte d'Azure (if there is such a thing) with lovely clean beaches. Bath is famous for its stunning Georgian archiutecture, Roman baths and is only 90 minutes from London. Our schools are in beautiful old buildings in spacious gardens.

outside view of Bath, England


One of the UK's most popular cities to learn English, Bournemouth on the Dorset coast is also one of Britain's most popular holiday destinations. Our partner school was first recommended to us by experienced teachers. Its director is a leading writer of English language text books. It offers wide range of programmes and exams and is a cheaper training alternative to a London school.


A beautiful historic city and home of the Chruch of England. A perfect destination if you want to be away form the crowds and noise of London. Surrounded by lovely green countryside. Our training provider is a small centre dedicated to business and professional training for senior personnel.

Canterbury Cathedral
The famous Canterbury cathedral


Once a quiet fishing village, Brighton is a large, lively and cosmopolitan city with two universities. It boasts oodles of restaurant and nightclubs. Brighton likes to refer to itself as a pleasure dome. Our Brighton school is close to the seafront in a quiet residential area but only a stone's throw from numerous bars, cafes and restaurants.


The capital of Scottish hospitality, Edinburgh (population 500,000) is a beautiful medieval city with a young heart. Edinburgh is safe, friendly and close to the magnificent wild Highlands. If you like music, art and drama, don't miss the English plus Edinburgh Festival programme in August. Our school has an excellent pedagogic repuation. It is the largest Cambridge exam centre in Scotland, offers business and exectutive courses and is also a centre for teacher training.

Outside The Language House Edinburgh campus Inside The Language House Edinburgh
Our Edinburgh school: Outside and in the classroom


Bristol has all the attractions of a big city, but is easy to live in. It's safe, friendly and has a vibrant music scene. In recent years Bristol has become extremely popular in the UK for its high quality of life. It's an ideal location for an authentic learning experience without hundreds of other international students cramping your style. Our school is family-run and was established in 1969. It is situated in two magnificent historic building set in beautiful gardens close to the university.



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