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australia Australian flag

Australia is our specialty. We know Australia just as Tarzan knows the jungle like the back of his hand. The Language House director Garry Littman is Australian. He has lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin and has travelled much of the continent. We know why Australia is the most popular destination for English language training for younger adventurous Swiss people.
• It has a fabulous climate with 90 per cent of the population living close to the sea
• The quality of schools and teaching and the range of programmes is excellent, probably second only to the UK.
• It's cheaper to study and live in compared with most other English-speaking countries (and that includes the airfare)
• The people are open, warm and friendly
• Australia is generally safe
• Life is more relaxed than many parts of Europe
• Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are vibrant and cosmopolitan
• The landscape is vast and extremely beautiful and in many regions remains unspoilt by humans
• Australians love their sport
• Australia has the most bizarre collection of indigenous animals, almost all of which you can still experience in the wild

Australian areas with The Language House presence

Australia has a population of 19 million and is 186 times bigger than Switzerland (just think about that for a moment). The climate is tropical in the north and temperate in the south. If Switzerland were a 50 year old person, Australia would be a teenager - a little bit awkward at times, but definitely earnest and well-meaning. When asked what they liked most about Australia, our clients always say the people. Aussies (Australian people) are generally open and friendly. The accent is on fun and leisure as well as work and study. Australia has lots of space with magnificent beaches, the world's most beautiful and extensive coral reef formation, enormous arid desert regions, tropical rainforests and even ski resorts.
The Australian Aborigines lived happily in Australia for 50,000 years until the first Europeans - a desperate bunch of British prisoners and soldiers - arrived in 1788 and turned the land into a penal colony.The kangaroo, koala, wombat, emu, dingo, platypus and echidna are just some of the bizarre indigenous animals. Despite what you read or see on television, crocodile wrestling is not a very popular sport in Australia.

Paid work in Australia

Australia is a great place to study and have paid work if you are travelling on a Swiss or French passport. Swiss students studying for more than 12 weeks in Australia must have a Student Visa. With this visa it is possible to then get a work visa that enables you to work in a paid job for a maximum of 20 hours per week while you are studying. Most schools will be able to assist you in your job search. Some of our Australian schools specialise in finding work for international students and most schools offers afternoon electives that will assist you to find work. NB: French, Belgian, Italian and German passport holders aged between 18 and 30 also have the option of a Working Holiday visa. This visa (not available for Swiss nationals) allows you to stay in Australia for 12 months and study for maximum of 16 weeks and also work full time.

Demi-pair work:

Study English full-time and work as a demi-pair This option is ideal for young women 18 years and older who like children and want to dramatically reduce the costs of studying and living in Australia. In exchange for about 15 hours a week work in a family, your accommodation and meals are free. These programmes are offered to female students on Student Visas or Working Holiday visas and are organised in conjunction with your English language studies.

Demi-pairs should have a relatively good level of English and the minimum stay in a family is about 14 weeks. Contact The Language House for more information about study and demi-pair work in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart. Applications should be made at least 12 weeks before your anticipated course start date. You will need to show in most cases:

  • a current First Aid qualification
  • some experience with children
  • character and work experience references
  • a police clearance
  • a drivers license is an added bonus, but not compulsory

Or a demi-pair application form.

For more information or a demi-pair application form please fill in Your Training Plan or telephone The Language House - 0041 22 321 52 63

In our opinion:

Australian schools have an excellent reputation with a broad range of high quality programmes and excellent student services. If you have more than 8 weeks or more to learn English why not travel to the other side of the world and experience a country that's different, friendly and safe. Ask yourself: When will I have another opportunity?
There are few downsides, except for perhaps the distance. Prepare yourself for a 24 hour flight and a day or two of jet lag. We don't recommend weekend visits. Some schools have become extremely popular with Swiss students so don't be alarmed if you find more than a couple of Swiss Germans in your class. Despite what you hear in the media it is highly unlikely you will be attacked by a shark, a crocodile, a poisonous snake or a deadly spider. At least not on the first day...

Australian aboriginal dance group
Kangaroo kisses at Down Under
Aboriginal dance group
Kangaroo kisses



A beautiful modern busy city surrounded by water built around the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Sydney has the feel of a world city - arts, cafes, music, restaurants of every kind, parties, festivals etc. And it has easily accessible beaches, great surfing and a warm climate much of the year. The population is about 4.3 million.

Sydney English Language Centre SELC is only 10 minutes by public transport from the bustle of the city centre and 10 minutes from the world famous Bondi Beach. SELC offers all Cambridge exams including the Business English Certificate exams and has a well above average exam pass rate. It also prepares students for university courses in Australia. Accommodation options include homestay, student residences and apartments.

AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF ENGLISH [ACE] has three excellent schools in Sydney and is the oldest and largest private English language school in Australia. ACE also has schools in Brisbane and Perth. For long term study programmes ACE offers free flights between its schools in Australia.
ACE Manly Beach Sydney
ACE Bondi Junction Sydney
ACE Sydney City

A view of Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia
View of Sydney


Thousands of kilometers to the west of Sydney lies the vibrant city of Perth surrounded by the sparking blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Much smaller (1.5 million) and more relaxed than Sydney, Perth has emerged as the international education capital in Australia over the past five years. The city has carefully built up its education and service infrastructure in a bid to lure international students...with enormous success.
Perth is definitely the flavor of the year with Swiss students. It is easy to understand:
• quality established English schools
• eight hours of sunshine on average every day - average temperature in summer 25 - average temperature in winter 15
• one of the cheapest cities to live in Australia
• the wind surfing and sailing capital of Australia

Milner International College Of English in the city centre is one of the oldest English schools in Australia. It is one of the leaders in Cambridge exam preparation in Australia. It has a permanent team of exam teachers and a near perfect exam result rate. If you are serious about your exams this is the school for you. It is extremely popular and successful with Swiss students.

Perth International College of English also in the city centre is a smaller more intimate school with a more varied nationality mix. The cost is slightly cheaper and it offers most Cambridge exam programmes. It offers a demi-pair program for female students, 18 years or older, who want to stretch their Australian dollar further.

AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF ENGLISH [ACE] Perth is a smaller school in the city centre. ACE is well known for the quality of its English language and teacher training programs. For long term study programmes ACE offers free flights between its schools in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

Trekking Australian Desert
Australian desert


Brisbane is a relaxed city with a population of more than one million. It is built on the mouth of the Brisbane River that twists and turns through the city. Brisbane is the capital of Queensland the state that attracts the most overseas visitors. Magnificent beaches, tropical islands, rainforests, coral reefs, vast unpopulated desert areas are all within travelling distance. The climate has a slight tropical feel - warm to hot with mild winters.

Shafston International College On the Brisbane river and close to the city centre, Shafston is one of the most dynamic education providers in Australia. The campus offers all kinds of English language programmes and exams as well as higher education and university courses. You can mix with Australian students as well as international students.

LANGPORTS ENGLISH LANGUAGE COLLEGE in Brisbane, is one of Australia’s top schools. Langports’ programs have been specially designed so that you make rapid progress - they are fun too! The Langports staff are friendly and professional and the school has a swimming pool and fitness centre.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is Australia's sixth largest city with a population of 480,000. Located in south-east Queensland, the Gold Coast is only a 1 hour drive from Byron Bay and a 50 minute drive to Brisbane.
Why study on the Gold Coast?
• 300 days of sunshine a year
• Famous surf beaches with average water temperature of 22 degrees
• Healthy outdoor lifestyle and friendly local people
• Sub-tropical rainforest with abundant wildlife and bush walks
• World class porting and cultural events
• Dance clubs and stylish bars
• Café culture and international restaurants
• Shopping centres, fashion boutiques and weekend markets

LANGPORTS ENGLISH LANGUAGE COLLEGE on the GOLD COAST, two minutes from the surf beach Surfers Paradise, is one of Australia’s best schools. Langports’ programs have been specially designed so that you make rapid progress - they are fun too! The Langports staff are friendly and professional.

Byron Bay

Just south of Brisbane this small city on the coast is the alternative lifestyle capital of Australia. Byron Bay is considered paradise by many Australians and international visitors. It is surrounded by extraordinary natural beauty. Byron Bay has long attracted surfers, hippies, yuppies, artists and spiritual seekers. The climate is magnificent, the surf is excellent and dolphins and whales are regular visitors. Byron Bay is renowned for its arts and music festivals, parties, cafes, alternative medicine, markets, alternative technology and restaurants.

Byron Bay English Language School is a very friendly school in the centre of Byron Bay one of the most beautiful coastal regions in Australia. The school has courses up to advanced level. It offers the FCE and CAE exam three times a year. It's friendly and relaxed and there are many interesting options after your lessons - surfing, body boarding, diving, kayaking, music, bush walking, horse riding and whale watching.

Beach sunset at Byron Bay
Beach sunset at Byron Bay



Cairns is a smaller relaxed city and popular tourist destination in northern Queensland. It is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef - probably the most beautiful marine park in the world. The climate is tropical. It's the perfect place to learn to dive in clear waters full of exotic fish and extraordinary coral formations. Cairns offers lots of activities and sports such as fishing, snorkeling, diving, ballooning, white water rafting and rainforest safaris to name a few...
May to October is the dry season - warm and less humid. November to April is hotter and more humid with tropical downpours and dramatic electrical storms.

International House Queensland - Cairns campus The IH Cairns campus has an excellent pedagogic reputation. It is the official examination centre for Cambridge and IELTS exams and also an accredited teacher training centre to non-native speakers. It offers all types of exam courses, Language Homestay - Live with Your Teacher programmes. English and Diving and English plus Safarai courses are also available.

Australian beach life
Tropical North Australia

Beach life

Tropical North of Australia


Port Douglas

Port Douglas sits next to the Great Barrier Reef and the extraordinary Daintree rainforest one of The Language House's favourite places in Australia. Magnificent white sand beaches, diving, four-wheel drive adventures, rafting and much more. Port Douglas is more chic than most of the other nearby tropical towns, a bit of a show-off at times, but unquestionably placed in one of the most beautiful natural regions on planet Earth. Absolutely perfect for the stressed executive who needs to work on his/her English.

Port Dougles English Language Centre
Australian beach life
Tropical North Australia

Mangos grow everyhere

Port Douglas school class


The second biggest city in Australia and its most European. Melbourne is frequently cited as one of the world's most liveable cities. It's vibrant, sophisticated and wonderfully cosmopolitan with Italian, Greek, Chinese and Vietnamese quarters. Climate is temperate with four seasons, with a much milder and shorter Winter and a hot Summer.

Cambridge International College
Located in the centre of Melbourne this school offers a wide range of English language courses and exams. It is one of the few schools in Australia that offer the three Cambridge Business English Certificate BEC exams – Preliminary, Vantage and Higher. After school you are perfectly located to explore what we believe is the most European and cosmopolitan city in Australia.


The beautiful capital of South Australia is surrounded by forested hills. It lies on the coast and is close to the wine producing area of the Barossa Valley. Adelaide is an ideal launching pad for those wanting to go north into the red centre of Australia. For those that want a more authentic experience, away from the more popular cities, Adelaide is an excellent choice.


The capital of the beautiful island state of Tasmania. Hobart is a friendly and small city. Easy access to water sports and some of the world's greatest wilderness walks. For a genuine Australian experience far from the well travelled international student route, Tasmania is an excellent choice. The climate is temperate.

English language classes in Australia
Outside classroom



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