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General English

This is the most popular course and is offered at all levels from beginner to advanced. General English is the best choice, if:
• you have low level English and you want to build a stronger base in English
• you need to improve your level to qualify for an exam preparation course
• you only a have short period of time to study
• you don't want to do an exam programme
General English courses usually start every Monday. An intensive course ranges between 20 and 30 hours per week. Classes usually start at 8.30 or 9.00 and finish at about 3.30 in the afternoon. The class sizes range from between 8 and 12 students. In summer the classes tend to be slightly larger. On the first day you will be tested and then placed in an appropriate class. (Most schools have between 5 and 9 levels for beginner to advanced).
General English courses are usually structured as follows:
Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills (grammar and tenses) in the morning with options in the afternoon. The options may include Business English, Academic Studies, Travel and Tourism, English Culture, Information Technology, Extra Conversation, Social English, Pronunciation, Accent Reduction.

Cambridge Exams (General and Business English)

These are the most popular and respected international English tests. Our schools in Australia, the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Malta offer most or all of the Cambridge exams. Cambridge exams are recognised by almost all employers as a valid guide to an employee or applicant's English communication level.
The four most popular General English exams are:
Preliminary English Test (PET) – intermediate level (ALTE level 2)
• First Certificate in English (FCE) – upper intermediate level (ALTE level 3)
• Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – advanced level (ALTE level 4)
• Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) – upper advanced level (ALTE level 5)
NB: At The Language House our consultants are also experienced teachers who have prepared students for Cambridge exams in Switzerland. We will happily answer all your exam questions. Exam brochures and example tests are available.
Many people who have successfully completed several years of English in a Swiss school set their sights on the FCE. The FCE is taken by about 300,000 people from 100 countries each year. The FCE and CAE preparation and exams courses are held three times a year. The courses are 11 or 13 weeks in duration. The courses are in January (exam in March), March (exam in June) and September (exam in December). For exact dates please contact us. You may have to do an exam entry test at The Language House or at our partner school before you will be accepted. If your level is too low we recommend you take 4 - 8 weeks of General English before the exam preparation starts.
There are also Cambridge business exams:
Business English Certificate Preliminary intermediate level (ALTE level 2)
Business English Certificate BEC Vantage intermediate level (ALTE level 3)
Business English Certificate BEC Higher advanced level (ALTE level 4)
The BEC exams are a challenging test of practical International Business English skills. BEC exams programmes are available in Australia and the UK and are usually held three times a year. For more information on Cambridge exams visit:

Business English

Most of our schools offer Business English as an option with a General English course. Some, like our Sydney school, offer dedicated full-time Business English courses. You may choose to study General English for several weeks and then switch to Business English. These courses are suitable for students who wish to:
• Improve job prospects
• R
eturn to a job where business communication in English is essential
• Study at university or business college
Topics cover most aspects of business activity. The average age is mid-twenties. The minimum level is usually low-intermediate. These courses are not for experienced business people.
See Business and Professional programmes

Studing English

Other exams

IELTS General
If you don't have sufficient time to prepare for a Cambridge exam, but you want an exam certificate, then IELTS (International English Language Testing System) may be the answer. IELTS exam preparation can be either taken as an option with General English or as a full-time course.
IELTS Academic
This is an increasingly popular test for students whose objective is to do further studies in English. Students must achieve an IELTS score of 5.5 to qualify for most further education courses.This exam is often taken as part an English for Academic Studies course.
Test of English as a Foreign Language is also an appropriate test if you want to continue higher education in English. The exam is favored for entry into USA universities and colleges.
Test of English for International Communication is an appropriate test if you need a certificate that shows your level of work related English.

English plus work experience/internships

Work experience is an excellent way to put your English communication skills to work. We have work experience programmes in the following cities - London, Vancouver, Sydney. Most work experience or internships are unpaid. Students must sometimes complete a certain number of weeks of English training before being placed in a company of their choice. Many of clients elect to do a Business English course or the FCE or CAE and then go on to work experience programme. In most cases students are placed in international or large companies in the field of their choice.

University placement in the UK and Australia

If your objective is go onto higher education studies in English (career courses or university) please contact us. We work with a wide range of institutions in the UK and Australia. Courses cover most disciplines and range from 8 weeks to three and four year degrees and diplomas. Course entry is dependent on a sufficient IELTS exam score.

English plus Demi-Pair work in Australia

We can help to place you in a family as a demi-pair if you are female and over 18, have satisfactory English communication skills and fulfil all au-pair requirements. Students work 12-15 hours a week in exchange for free accommodation and meals. All au-pair duties are outside your full time English training commitments. Au-pairs must have student visa and be studying full-time. Generally we recommend our students start with a minimum of 2 - 4 weeks of English courses before starting an au-pair programme.

English plus sport/adventure/culture

Okay the primary reason you are going overseas is to improve your English. But what are your other reasons, objectives or dreams. Here is a sample of some of the English plus courses available for the active, adventurous and curious. Most of the courses are one or two weeks in duration and can be incorporated into your study plan or added on when you are there. For further information please contact us.

English and Snowboarding in Canada
English and Snowboarding in Canada

English plus Surfing
English plus Body Boarding
English plus Diving
English plus Advanced Diving
English plus Safari Adventure
English plus Golf
New Zealand
English plus Surfing
English plus Body Boarding
English plus Farmstay
English plus Learning to Sail
English plus Sailing
English plus Snowboarding
English plus Ski Instructors Certification
English plus Snowboard Instructors Certification
English and Dance
English plus Acting
English plus Film-making
English plus London
English plus British Culture
English plus Edinburgh Festival (Scotland)
English plus Creative Cookery
English plus Literature
English plus Flowers and Gardens
English plus Bird-Watching
English plus Antiques
English plus Architecture
English plus Famous People and Places
English plus Painting and Sculpture


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